EASTERNPAK Shows Readiness to Commit to YUM!'s Unannounced Audits Program

EASTERNPAK proves continuous commitment to serving customer needs and implementing truthful management systems.

NAPCO member company and IPC sister company EASTERNPAK has been devoted to Yum! management system audits since 2007, ensuring it to be an approved supplier to YUM! Group franchisees.

Yum!’s quality assurance team in Dubai has recently nominated EASTERNPAK to voluntarily join their “unannounced audit” program as the EASTERNPAK team has presented continuous system maturity and professionalism.

In line with their vision and commitment to foster client relationships, EASTERNPAK felt strongly about encouraging their client’s strategic preferences and, thus, has accepted and decided to take on the endeavor.

EASTERNPAK participated in the newly introduced scheme of unannounced audits and gained recognition from YUM! management.





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